Project : Holland Park - Exeter

We are proud to be the Craftsmen of choice for the presitgious multi award winning homebuilder Heritage Homes.


We have worked with Heritage for the past few years working at their Holland Park development and their development at St Aubyns Rise in Tiverton.


Heritage Homes demand high quality craftsmanship for their homes and all of our team are highly skilled, dedicated and meet the strict criteria that is set.

Project : St Aubyns Rise, Tiverton

We give the same care, attention and respect to every job we do. We ensure that we have satisfied clients and we do this by treating your project as our own. 

Before and After

Before and After

Feel free to use the slider on the photo to get a feel, a good idea for the effect correct renovation can have.


Yes this is an actual project that we recently did for a rather suprised home owner of a relatively new home. We have not altered the actual photo's in any way.


Yes the finish looks great but the result was due to the vast amounts of preparation and pre work that we did.


We virtually had to strip it all back, correct the build errors and build back up from that basis to the superb finish that it is.

The real cost of this job was the fact that the homeowner waited too long before seeking help. It only becomes expensive when the job has gone too far and there is serious damage to your home.


So don't hold off, get a quote today and see the before and after for your home.


P.S. We didn't leave our equipment behind.




The fabulous new Heritage show home at Holand Park Exeter

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