The TOUPRET group has operated on the basis of the same human values for more than 70 years. Day after day, we strive to build customer relations based on quality, confidence and transparency. 


Commitments of the TOUPRET group

TOUPRET embodies an enterprising spirit guided by strong values based on the demand for quality and meticulous work, successful finishes, and customer satisfaction. Vast product referencing, a support service and telephone helpline, together with dedicated educational websites represent fundamental aspects of the TOUPRET group’s commitment to its customers. We are guided and inspired day to day by values based on a sense of respect, placing the customer, from a human perspective, at the very heart of our operations.


Demands and respect

Being demanding with ourselves and the quality of our products is the motto of our group! We guarantee our total output in absolute compliance with current standards: VOC (volatile organic compounds), the REACH directive, and standards relating to fillers in the building and construction industry. We monitor the development of our products and guarantee excellence from creation through to user tests. Find out more about TOUPRET group quality and certifications.     

Innovation and competitiveness.


The TOUPRET group, prepared for every challenge, innovates from day to day! TOUPRET developed the main innovations in the fillers market: from the first “ready-to-use” filler, to “easy smoothing” (magic’liss) fillers, constantly adapting to the expectations of an increasingly demanding general public. The goal of our R&D centre is to be guided by excellence and to endeavour to do better and think differently, just like all of the employees within the group. Everyone plays a part in innovation!   
Competitiveness is inherent in innovation, a key value which has brought the group to its leading position in the fillers market.     

Bringing attention to the environment

The TOUPRET group operates and manufactures its products while taking steps to protect the environment. At each stage in the industrial process, we take steps to reduce our waste, limit the weight of cardboard packaging, and increase the use of natural ingredients in our product formulas, reaching levels of 80-90%.